Customer Testimonials

We have been nothing but pleased with our service. Our dog never runs outside of her fence. She is always in the yard, safe and sound. Before we got the fence, Zoe would dart out into the street. We are located on a hill and those cars would come down fast! We have had friends “do it themselves” but it was not successful like ours. Thanks!
In late July, a huge male bear came into our yard, right in front of my two dogs, Moose and Mattie, and myself. I found myself not even 15 feet from the bear. Needless to say, the dogs went wild and started biting at the bear’s feet. I was so afraid that they were going to get hurt. They chased him across our 2½ acres toward the road. The chase was now on and I thought for sure they were going to cross the underground fence and that I would lose my dogs. I was totally shocked when they stopped right at the fence and did not cross it. The Pet Fence Systems is the best thing we could have done when we got two big dogs. It has helped us all in so many ways. I am convinced, and on this day I credit the fence with the possibility that it saved my dogs from harm that could have killed them. Thanks to the fence, our dogs have almost three acres to run free and we never worry about them because the fence is so trustworthy. They are great dogs and thanks to your helping us train them, they mind really well. Your methods work producing dogs that are a pleasure to live with. Pet Stop’s support has been outstanding.
I would highly recommend Pet Stop because of my local Dealer. Nine years ago they trained my neighbor’s dog, so I hired him immediately to train my Boston terrier. I hired him again four years ago to train my French bulldog. He is truly wonderful with animals, and I would not use any other company. Excellent service!
Gayle Williams,
Pet Stop did an excellent job installing and pre-job information. They were very nice and professional as well as his installers. I would recommend this company to anyone. Thank you. It is so refreshing to work with kind, caring professionals.
Antoinette A., Arvada, CO
At Pet Stop we have you and your pets best interest in mind. With state of the art technology and persistent innovation, I'm proud to say we lead the industry in safety and customer service.
John Purtell, President,
The Pet Stop fence has been great for us. We live on a number of acres alongside a busy road. The fence gives us peace of mind and freedom for our dog. It also keeps our dog from following wild life off the property. Our daughter’s dogs were trained also and that makes visits worry-free. We’re very pleased with the system and the help we’ve been given, as we’ve needed it.
Pet Stop is just great. We have tough huskies so they had to retrofit the fence a couple times and quickly provide new equipment that they ate!
Carrie V., Boulder, CO
I live on a farm with our two Australian shepherds. Having two young and energetic dogs, they had already been in trouble with the neighbors. Then, after being in front of a judge, convinced me that something had to be done. I had always been skeptical of the underground pet containment fences but needed some solution to contain the dogs while giving them a large area to run and play. I contacted Pet Stop and they offered a quick and easy solution to our problem as well as a guarantee that the fence would keep the dogs contained. Following the training instructions provided, the dogs quickly learned their boundaries. For almost two years, our dogs have run free and we have the assurance when we leave that they will be there when we return. It works! I would highly recommend the system and my Dealer to anyone seeking a safe and secure option for their pets.
Mark Dandridge,
Pet Stop was very responsive to our needs for dog fence. They were knowledgeable, professional and their follow up was impeccable. Our fence was installed yesterday and we are in the process of training. I would highly recommend Pet Stop & the type of fence they provide. They seem eager to grow their business & willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.
Very courteous and professional. Would highly recommend Pet Stop to anyone thinking about an electronic fence for your pet.
Stefan T., Parker, CO
Pet Stop stayed in close touch before the job and completed it exactly as advertised. Great customer service.
Homeowner, Aurora, CO
The sales person gave me a ball park figure before he saw the project first hand. When he got to my house, the job ended up being more than he or I thought it would be. He not only did the job for the lowest dollar but he did way more than I told him it would take. Bottom line, he did more for less and did it faster and better than I would have expected. I cannot thank him enough for the protection my dog has today that she didn't have 2.5 hours before he got to my house!
David S., Arvada, CO