Customer Testimonials

In late July, a huge male bear came into our yard, right in front of my two dogs, Moose and Mattie, and myself. I found myself not even 15 feet from the bear. Needless to say, the dogs went wild and started biting at the bear’s feet. I was so afraid that they were going to get hurt. They chased him across our 2½ acres toward the road. The chase was now on and I thought for sure they were going to cross the underground fence and that I would lose my dogs. I was totally shocked when they stopped right at the fence and did not cross it. The Pet Fence Systems is the best thing we could have done when we got two big dogs. It has helped us all in so many ways. I am convinced, and on this day I credit the fence with the possibility that it saved my dogs from harm that could have killed them. Thanks to the fence, our dogs have almost three acres to run free and we never worry about them because the fence is so trustworthy. They are great dogs and thanks to your helping us train them, they mind really well. Your methods work producing dogs that are a pleasure to live with. Pet Stop’s support has been outstanding.